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AeroVironment (AV) is a leading supplier of high-power test equipment. AV's product line includes equipment capable of testing devices from 5 to 900 volts DC, up to +/- 1,000 amps and 250 kWs. Equipment can be paralleled to achieve power rating of up to 1 MW.

    AV's products are typically used for:
  • Battery, ultra-capacitor and fuel cell testing
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle development
  • Hardware-in-the-loop battery and drivetrain emulation
  • Electric vehicle component testing
  • Aircraft engine electrical load testing

    All AV products are equipped with:
  • Dual independent channels so operators have the flexibility to test multiple devices simultaneously
  • Water cooling to reduce its physical footprint
  • Software that provides operators unlimited programming capability
  • Bi-directional and regenerative technology for energy efficiency and utility cost savings
  • Open source communication protocol allowing operators to integrate AV products with any third-party control software

AV Products